Multi-language website

Looking into making a bilingual website. I would like to know what are the best practices within the platform. I appreciate the help.

@soy we can suggest two possible ways to create a multi-language project. Based on the complexity of your site:

Small sites
Within a single project, add a duplicate of each page in a different language—the key is to keep these options turned off; this way, the rest of the pages can only be accessed via links.

Here is a basic example:

Bigger sites
In this case, it is better to build separate projects (one per language) and link them via domains or subdomains—for example, for one and for the other. Check the the domain mapping section for details.

If you go this route, we can also recommend considering using the Home project option.

Hi @soy I think this is a really easy solution! You could create links using the following addresses. You can change the language using the following country codes in this Wiki.

Example link below but I’ve marked up the link to show which bits to amend to your needs.

For the second option, we need to publish a second project, so it’s not possible por fa freelancer plan, is it? Thanks