Is this for me

Hi. I’m a content creator travelling the world on a motorcycle. I had my website built using Joomla. Without continuously spending money, I cannot run this site myself. Looking for a solution where the learning curve is not that great, and I can start with a simple site, then get more fancy with time - WITHOUT spending 1000’s hours learning.

The site must do the following:
Work on my already registered domain
Handle pictures and videos
Eventually include E-Commerce

So a few questions. The site gets built and hosted by readymag - then linked to my domain. How’s the speed? How much storage? So can I build a Image library with 100’s of pics in it? Or loads of videos? Or link youtube or Google Pics?

Can I build a mailing list?
A blog? Can I have an Off-line blog that automatically gets uploaded where there’s a connection?

I have NOT even used this solution yet. Any feedback, advice or suggestions would be most appreciated. Thank you.

Well then. No responses. Can’t help a newbie out. Whenever I consider and investment into any technology, before the purchase I test the forum to see how active or helpful it may be. So far, you’ve failed.

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Hey, Honestly you kind of right unfortunately :frowning:
As a relatively new here I can say, the platform and the options it gives are amazing,
but suffering in my experience from many bugs and glitches that are adding up eventually to a lot of time wasted and delays in the work flow.

I’m a paid subscription user but debating myself right now on whether I should rebuild my project on a different platform. It’s not done or published yet but I already have a lot that I already built, so I don’t know. I truly do think the tools provided are great and easy to use and learn but just many of them don’t work smoothly. I’m definitely going to start your method to test a service by the way :upside_down_face:

If it also helpful -So far I tested the costumer service and wasn’t very pleased. I haven’t tried the forum yet and came here to ask a question on a different subject, hope I’ll get the answer I need

Thank you for the reply. Decision made. An unstable platform, with bad forum and support = not paying for this.

Hi @KRTW ! We are very sorry to hear that you were disappointed with the platform before having a chance to try it. Readymag, like many other design tools, requires some time to learn. At the same time, everything you mentioned can be achieved, and you can see this for yourself by looking at examples of work done by our users: Readymag website examples

For your convenience in learning the tool, we have created a section Learn, and we also actively respond to all inquiries through our support channel:

@Zoe_Cohen We are very sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with our support. We always strive to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours on business days and assist our users in every possible way to solve their problems.
You can write to us again and describe what you are unable to resolve, or provide us with your email and our team will contact you.