How to allow horizontal scroll when content exceeds the width of the page?

I have a four-column table that cannot fit on the mobile screen and needs to be able to be scrolled horizontally.

How do I make it so the user can scroll to see the content that is overflowing off the page?

If I could nest groups, I could use custom code and wrap the table in a parent container and allow overflow-x: auto on it, but I don’t think you can nest groups.

hey, I think this is not possible without building the four-column table manually inside a custom-code widget. Like you said, you will not be able nest RM elements inside a parent div. At least not without some heavy hackarounds by moving RM-divs inside own divs with javascript.
I would not recommend this though.
But you could set up an arrow to the left and if you click on it two columns are moving to the left and the other two are moving in. Like in a simple gallery.

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What about creating the table on a separate project. Publishing it and generating an iframe export of it. Then you can insert the iframe on the initial project—where you wish to have the scrolling table.

Odd hack but if you bought their Business plan, might be worth testing.