How can I create a wrapper for nested child-elements?

Hello! I trying to do a scrollable gallery thing. In common JS it is implemented very easily, it is just wrapped by another parent div-element with fixed width and hidden “overflow-x”, and children div-element (which contains the list of elements) without width and “overflow-x”: auto or scroll. But it works only with nested elements. Readymag doesn’t have this opportunity. I cannot create a parent-children block. Or I can?! Please help me figure out, how I can implement this horizontally scrollable gallery, WITHOUT using a widget (Animated widget > Horizontal scroll) that you have, it is useless in this case and doesn’t work right. Basically, here is the main question: if it possible to put a bunch of pictures, as children’s elements, into a rectangle shape? Because now I see the flat structure of the DOM.

hi, and no, thats not possible within RM.
Only way would be to build the content with pure html/css inside a customcode widget.

Thanks for your response. Yes, that’s what I thought =( I also tried to implement this via customcode widget, but for some reason, my code did not work “on page loaded”

<script type="text/javascript">
  $(window).on("load", function() {
    // code magic

Is it possible to use scripts in JS/JQuery with

$(window).on("load", function () {})


document.addEventListener(“DOMContentLoaded”, function () {})

in this widget?

Thank you in advance!

hey… the “on.load” or DomContentLoaded isnt firing in custom code…
you can only set a timeout around your code to make sure the RM elements you want to adress are already loaded…
@readymag @HuV Is there any way to make this more efficient? a timeout is still a bit of a hacky solution…