Grouped Image + Text LINK

Hi, does anyone know how to make a grouped image + text a single hover link?

I have a product image with the product name and price on top. I’d like to make the entire image + text a link to the product page. Does anyone know how to do this as a group and not 4 separate links?

I’d also like to make a separate hover state for the group. For example, darker image + changing text box and text OR image zoom within box on hover.

This would be very useful and is quite common in websites nowadays. Team if you see this please implement ! :pray:

Any help is much appreciated, thanks all.

An example of text group below:

Hi @colorcolor a method we have used in the past is creating a rectangular element and overlaying it. Setting it’s opacity to 0 then using it as an animation trigger for all of the animations you have outlined. It would mean you have a single element for your link rather than 4 separate ones.

Hey thanks for the reply @HEADLESS.HORSE.

Yeah I ended up doing exactly this when trying to figure it out.

Still very limiting though, it allows a darker shade on the whole group but isn’t possible to have the white box change to a red box for example… or the image zoom in (within box area, not the whole box pulsing).

Readymag team ! A solution for this is crucial, please please.

@colorcolor I would suggest this idea to the What features does Readymag lack the most? thread! Would just say something along the lines of “Grouped elements can share the same link”.