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Hi. My name is Daniil. I am an UX/UI designer with 3 years of experience in the industry. I have fully completed 4 years in graphic design and have taught myself the necessary skills through a combination of passion and hard work to excel as a designer. I won 2nd place for “Readymag Websites of the Year 2023” in the “Interactivity” category

My portfolio: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.


I am looking for a designer that will create a mobile view for the website, based on the desktop version which is already created. Please send us an email about your cost if you are interested.

Thank you,



I am looking for a designer that will create a mobile view for the website, based on the desktop version which is already created. Please send us an email about your cost if you are interested.

Thank you,


Hi! I’m looking for designer/dev to make me 2 sites. Please respond with your portfolio :pray:t4:

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Hey Ire,
Would love to hear a little bit more about what you are looking for and happy to chat more about your needs.
Marcella Winograd Portfolio

Hey there!

I’m a creative web designer from Melbourne, Australia. Linked here is my portfolio!

Hope to hear from you soon :))

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Hey People!

My names Tyler, I am a freelance web designer from Melbourne, Naarm - Australia!

In the realm of web design, my journey spans over a decade. Bringing a unique touch to each project, combining a love ❦ for soft, bold, and minimal aesthetics.

More than just designing & building websites. I’m crafting digital experiences that bring those genuine wow moments.

If you’d like to know more or suss my vibe you can check out my portfolio here :))


Hi readymag friends! I’m an art director who works on mostly branding, editorial, and marketing projects. I’m available for freelance calls atm. My portfolio is viewable at Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or send me an email :slight_smile:

Hello! I’m Cailin from the Philippines. Explore my portfolio at to see my work.

Should you wish to discuss potential collaborations or projects, feel free to contact me at :slight_smile:

Hi everyone, I’m a Beril, I’m a graphic designer and storyteller based in New York. I mainly design for clients in the fashion, editorial and lifestyle industries. Most of my work is designed for digital spaces though I do love a print based project. Lately I’ve been working on developing my interactive skills by teaching myself figma and readymag.

I’m currently open for freelance work and would love to connect with new people. You can contact me at and you can view some of my work on my portfolio at:

Hello Designers :slight_smile:

I am looking for a freelancer to work on an editorial site that focuses on books. It’s a site dedicated to exhibiting and creating a discussion around rare and hard-to-find books based in the UK. It is an 8-page site with one of the pages able to accompany a large array of books (up to 200, potentially).

Styling is based on the example here > THE NEW OPEN

The client is ideally looking to launch in May (even a skeleton but happy to have a discussion on how that fits in with your workload as it is tight).

We have a basic wireframe with functionality mocked up.

We are looking for people who have experience designing in ReadyMag and European/UK based.


Hi Chris.

We are Buenos días Studio, a studio based in Alicante, Spain, we are a team of two designers that we would love to work in your project. Our work is based on UX design but also a strong visual desing skills, with this combination we can provide you a web page with a good design but putting your users front and center creating a better usuable for your users.

We leave you the link to our website so you can view our projects and see if we fit in the project. Also in our web page you can find a way to contact us.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Best regards
Rebecca and Jorge

Hi Bethany. Thank you for responding. How is best to contact you, your website link doesn’t work?

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Hi Rebecca and Jorge, thank you for replying. HCan you please provide an email address to contact you?

Hello, I’m Freya!

I’m a Web/Graphic designer based in Melbourne, Australia. I have experience working with clients in the architecture, urban design, fashion and tech-start up industries.

Readymag recently made a video about my website in how to create seamless index portfolios, where you can find more examples of my creative work.

I am always up to chat, collaborate or have a coffee.

You can contact me at or over at my instagram here.



I’m looking for a Javascrip developer who is familiar with ReadyMag and embedding audio!

Here’s a more formal description:
Create Embedded Javascript Audio Player for ReadyMag on Howler.js

  • We are looking for a Javascript developer to create a fully embedded Javascript Audio player for use in a ReadyMag website.
  • Users will copy and paste an embed code into their web page which will initialize a fully functional audio player.
  • The working player should be fully self contained with few/zero external dependencies.

Required Functionality:

  • The audio player should work when embedded into any web page, but in particular must work on ReadyMag webpages generated through their authoring environment (
  • The working player should be based on Howler.js, an audio library.
  • In addition to working widget code, create demonstration embed codes for training users.
  • Should support multiple instances of the player on the same page, which are aware of one another.


This is a small project with a duration under 2 weeks.


Hey, my name is Haf, and I’m a UI/UX Designer based in Barcelona, Spain.

I have experience working with Readymag and excel at creating Lottie/motion graphic files to make your website lively. I am open to both quick and long-term projects, including website design, brochures, presentations, and more.

Here is my portfolio (made with Readymag):

Best regards,

I am a web designer from Ukraine (currently residing in the Czech Republic, and I lived in Ireland for 2 years).

I have a unique approach to my work - I operate based on synesthesia. This means I create projects that stimulate different sensory reactions, where the perception of letters or numbers immediately associates with various colors.

I came to this method after studying the fact that many people experience certain associations linked to feelings and memories. Certain sounds and colors can evoke memories of different people and places where we have been.

Thus, I don’t just create projects, I create EMOTIONS.

I work in Figma and Readymag, speak fluent Ukrainian and Russian, and have an intermediate (B1) level of English.
My portfolio: `

Hi there,

Would you be able to convert my website to a mobile version? It isn’t a creative task like your post but my company will pay you well and we would really appreciate it.

If you experience any web errors, we’re currently updating DNS records with our domain host but most of the website is functioning normal.


Hi there, I’d be keen to assist you with what you need.
Having designed a number of publication sites over the last year, I’m well familiar with the Readymag platform and will be able to assist. I will also be able to offer suggestions to improve your current desktop version of your site.

Please feel free to reach out to me direct. I’d be interested in finding out more about your company requirements and will be able to answer specific questions about time required and any associated project fees -