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Hello good people!
Worth Agency is a team of Graphic Designers and Art Directors from Ukraine, currently based in UAE and Portugal. We are really good at branding and web design. Let’s make some great projects together!

Our website-portfolio: (made with Readymag).
WatsUp: +971 50 538 44 36

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Hello, we are VOSK

Our design studio is focused on identities, websites, digital and visual communication. We have more than 10 years of experience and more than 150 successful projects, 34 of which you can find on We are focused on architecture, media, education, culture and science. We are working with big businesses as well as with small companies from all over the world. We have 5+ years of international experience with clients from Norway, Holland, UK, Switzerland, Singapore and Eastern European countries.

Selected websites built on readymag:

We are open for new projects.



My name is Lara and I’m a multi-disciplinary designer from Slovenia. I have a BA in design from art school and lots of experience in digital design (clients include Spotify, Adidas, Nike, Mattel, Braun, …). I’m looking to work on some new projects, particularly branding, illustration and merchandise design. I love working with typography, gradients and making simple but strong visuals. I’ve been using Readymag for some time now so I can also help you with creating a visually pleasing and practical website. You can view my online portfolio (built on Readymag):

Write to me via email ( or check out my Instagram (@lrrlpgcr). Can’t wait to meet you and create something wonderful together!

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Good morning!

This is Sol Alsina CEO of Mundoh Designs

We need a Developer that is able to add Fade in Fade Out - Animation to the following section in the site we have built with RM)

Here is the example Text Fade in and Fade Out CSS Animation Effects | Html5 CSS3 Animation - YouTube of what she wanted for the wording to look like which she sent a video from youtube for clarity.
Please DM and let me know the cost.

Thank you!!

Hey everyone,
Multidisciplinary designer with overall 16+ years experience:
12+ years in creatively excellent brand teams and world-class brands
4+ years in 3D-engineering and management role, which one raised pixel-perfect sense and ability to work in a team.


Hi, we are Awesome&Beautiful - a small but mighty design studio from Russia.

We work with a wide range of image tasks - branding, creative concepts, animation, printing, websites. We dive deeply into each task and produce cool, memorable solutions. Examples of our work can be seen on our website:

We have made many sites, many of them have won awards in Russian and international competitions. We know Readymag very well and know how to make impressive projects with it.

Always in touch:

Hello! My name is Vendy and I am a passionate designer with a keen eye for detail. I put maximum effort into each project to ensure my clients are completely satisfied with the final result.

As a skilled designer, I love working with diverse clients across various industries and enjoy creating both dark and colorful websites. My passion for design motivates me to push the boundaries and deliver visually stunning and functional websites.

Respect deadlines / Always available to chat / Creative & Caring
Languages I know: Latvian, Russian, English

You can check my latest project here: OSPREY STUDIOS

Let’s collaborate and create a customized solution that meets your business needs. Share your ideas with me, and let’s turn them into reality! :heart_hands:

I’m a Digital Media designer based in Amsterdam. I am passionate about design and storytelling, believing that design thinking is the approach to solving social and business problems. My work is characterised by a bold, playful and quirky style. I have good experience in visualising, making videos and graphics. I see myself as a creative, determined person. I have worked on various projects (using Readymag) for; non-profit, start-ups and retails. I follow the process of co-creation in which understanding your business and how you work is essential to establish the right structure to solve your goals and challenges. My style is clean, bold and with strong typography use. I create whimsical designs, beautiful graphics and visuals, and responsive websites. Also, I’m fast at executing assignments and building websites. You can check out my work here;

Feel free to contact me:

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I am Anastasiia, designer and Readymag enthusiast.

Here is my portfolio

And, of course, I would like to have more projects to do. As well as I dream about creating a Readymag studio someday with someone who fells like it as well and match the style — I do believe in teamwork but with styling and workflow freedom and space for creativity.
Feel free to contact me for collaboration.


Hi. I’m Marina, a web designer from Kyiv. I have been working as a freelancer for over 2 years. I specialize in emotional marketing. For me, design is not just a beautiful wrapper. It is emotions, meanings, metaphors and sensations. The highlight of my approach is to create design through the prism of aesthetics, each of which includes certain emotions, color and typographic solutions, and of course, feelings. I work in a minimalist style because it helps the user to keep their attention on the really important things. Besides, minimalism goes beyond trends and time.

Before starting to create a design, I conduct a marketing analysis of the market. I identify the pains of the target audience and their needs, create a prototype and a map of the future site.

In addition to designing in Figma, I also make turnkey websites of varying complexity, can work with SBS animation and use code for non-standard design solutions. I work on the Readymag, Webflow, and Shopify platforms.

To get to know me better and discuss cooperation, I invite you to my social networks:

My portfolio site by Readymag -
Telegram - Telegram: Contact @Maryna20002
Instagram - Вебдизайн | Розробка сайтів (@marydes.ign) • Instagram photos and videos
Tiktok - Вебдизайн | Розробка сайтів (@marydes.ign1) | TikTok

As a leading animation agency, Galera brings a world of creativity and expertise to transform your ideas into visual masterpieces. From mesmerizing motion graphics that grab attention to engaging explainer videos that simplify complex concepts, we have the tools and talent to breathe life into your brand.
Let us take your vision to new heights with our seamless blend of creativity and technical prowess. Unlock the door to animated excellence that sets your brand apart from the competition!


I’m kind, talented designer from Saint Petersburg, looking for a Designer and Product Manager jobs in any country or remote :slight_smile:
Three higher educations, highest level of master, in different countries, 7 years of experience and more :slight_smile:

Roman Korneev

Use case brief: ‘RK Design Portfolio / Use case Brief’ by Roman Korneev
Telegram, VK: @romakorneev
Roman Korneev (@romankorneev) • Instagram photos and videos (if you want to know me better :))
And other contacts and links if needed will be provided :slight_smile:

Hello Anastasila,

I am looking for a Readymag expert to finish my creative agency website. The content is all ready. Let me know if this is something you do.



Hello Alex,

I am looking for someone to create my business readymade website.

Let me know if you are interested.



Hi neueMeta!

I’m designing a webpage that’s going to be a screenwriter service. But I need help. I’ve started designing it, but I don’t really know how to use ReadyMag, especially integrating payment ++. I’m wondering if you’re interested in helping me set it all up?

Let me know…




I’m wondering if you could be of help to my small start-up business. I’ve already started designing, but I need help. It’s not a huge job, but important for me. Is this something that you could be interested in?

Let me know…


Hey, Readymag community, we’re looking for an expert to help us with our website. Brief here - Dropbox Paper

Hi, Readymag community!

I’ve been using the platform for a while, but it’s finally time to acknowledge that I need some professional help. Therapy aside, I’m looking for a creative designer who can make a website for our creative studio “VeryVertical”. Our main pitch is that we make “shows instead of content”, which means that the website will basically be one landing page with the “intro”, “work”, and “how we work section”. We like pushing the “design aesthetics” but have a hard time finding a great freelance partner. Here’s an example of the website we worked on before -

There are a few extra details, but we’ll share them as soon as we become best friends. If this sounds like a project you’d be interested in working on, please send us one thing you’ve done on readymag and one thing you really want to do but nobody believes it’s cool.


With over 12+ years of experience in the B2B and B2C tech industries, I specialise in User Experience and Design Thinking. I’ve successfully collaborated with a wide range of businesses, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, to address design and business challenges. My design philosophy is centred on simplicity, intuitiveness, and creating delightful user experiences.

I partner with experienced creatives for a fixed monthly cost.


I am Carol van Waart a Barcelona designer and visual creator that combines graphic design, typography, and visual arts to push concepts and ideas to the limit. I develop experimental design projects, communicate trends, create new languages, and look from an unseen point of view.

I am de 2nd WINNER in Readymag Typography Websites of the year 2023.

👁‍🗨 Website

:revolving_hearts: I’m looking to collaborate on passionated and enthusiastic projects to have fun
:mailbox: Text me