Dropbox video embed down?

Is the dropbox video code not working for anyone else? It was working fine for me until yesterday. I’ve been using the code here: https://help.readymag.com/hc/en-us/articles/7006616903579-Dropbox

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same here. any updates @Readymag :pray:t2:?

@Sasha_Yaguza - Did some digging and it seems that it’s not on @Readymag 's end but rather Dropbox’s. You can find the forum thread here: Wordpress dont play dropbox video - Page 3 - Dropbox Community

What I’m using as a quick workaround is the Dropbox Direct Link Generator. You use that for your source link vs what you get from Dropbox.

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@Ben_Luong - Thank you! Seems like your solution works fine!

Also, the main issue (with a standard Dropbox link) has been resolved either, it works now. :grinning: