Content scroll up

Hello all!
First time readymag user here…
I came to a road block with trying to figure out a popular layout on some websites with having a top image fixed and then while scrolling up the content moves up with it…now covering the top image.
I included an example of this action that someone did on their website: Really Good People Licorice - Rodeo
If anyone has any advice on how to achieve this, it would be really helpful. Thank you!

The image has to be fixed and set to the back (select the widget, find the ‘Order’ control and set it to the back). This way, any other layer that you place on the page will move above that image.

If you are trying to replicate the exact effect as the example you shared, you can then add a large white shape and have all the other widgets lay on top. The key is to arrange them properly in the Layers panel.