Layers and position fixing

So I have these different layers on one page:

  1. a text fixed in front when scrolling staying in place in the upper right corner
  2. text
  3. video autoplay when load in back 40% opacity
  4. picture in the back not as background. you can scroll

Now I have this problem with the video that I want it to be fixed when scroll down the page like the text but it shouldn’t be fixed in front. the Order should stay the same so the text is in front.
whenever I try to fix it it automatically is in the front. Designwise that’s not what I want.
I don’t know how to do this…
Grateful for any help.

Hello! You can reorder the layers in the layer panel. You could also enable ‘above pages’ for your text so that it would be always fixed as the first layer on all pages.

Thanks for your answer. To make myself more clear I posted the most recent state.
I want the clouds video to be fixed in the position but not in the front.
I want the texts in the front and the face in the back to be scrollable.

So the video basically is in the middle of the sandwich. In Readymag I have found so far when fixing something usually it can only be fixed in the front. Is this possible for the video in the middle relating to the order of the layers? Right now I just put the two YouTube videos on top of each other as a work around. Also is it possible in Readymag that the visitor is not able to click on the YouTube video to pause it?

Hi! The project is currently unpublished. Could you please send the link to your project and this forum message to our support team at It’ll be easier to continue the conversation over there.