Changing corner radius for embeded video

I have embeded my Vimeo video, and I would like to change the corner radius inside the code.

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you have to get the data-id of your videoelement via the devtools of your browser.

And then change the below code to your specific id and add into the customcode css section:

[data-id="63296f148905160038c83901"] {
 border-radius: 20px!Important;

Keep in mind, that the corner radius will only be seen in the published version / preview viewer and not in the editor.


thanks so much!

Thanks for the reply!
I tried it but unfortunately it did not work

After trying the CSS section, i tried changing it inside the video’s code, and it made it really small; like the coreners got margins but no radius

Any idea?

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Is it also possible with dropbox videos to create round corners?
I embedded the code (and changed the data-id) but it just not works…

My code:
[data-id=“63bc295257caf200271c153a”] {
border-radius: 20px!Important;

Any ideas why?

Thanks in advance

If the code from the message above doesn’t work for you, try this

[data-id="63da7d5edadd7f003865570a"] {
  border-radius: 20px;
  overflow: hidden;

I’m working on Chrome and when i publish → open to see it. I see the radius I set for a split second, but then it “corrects” itself and reverts right back to the original video format.

Any idea why this would be happening? Best!

try to add an “!important” behind the css value like:

border-radius: 20px!important;

Hello! Thank you so much for this

I have a question. Is there a way to apply the same rule to multiple data ids?

When i duplicate the rule and enter the ID for another video it only applies the rule to the first one.

Thank you!

maybe with this:

[data-id="63da7d5edadd7f003865570a"],[data-id="27da7d5edadd7f0038655746"] {
  border-radius: 20px;
  overflow: hidden;

*haven´t tested it

have you figured it out?

How do I find the Data ID from vimeo?

Find the father div of your Vimeo embed, you can use the ID included in it:

Btw, did this work? Embedded video Rounded Corners - #3 by Laura_Zarate