Embedded video Rounded Corners

Hi All! I am trying to change the corner radius for my vimeo embedded video, however when I apply the code. Is not working, I’m really new to this so i would appreciate any help!!

[data-id=“917572800?] {
border-radius: 20px!Important;

Hey Laura! :wave:

It looks like a slight hiccup in your code snippet might be the culprit here. The issue seems to stem from the quotation marks around the data-id value; they’re not the standard ASCII quotes. Also, the question mark at the end of the data-id might not belong there unless it’s intentionally part of the ID. Let’s tweak your CSS a bit for clarity:

[data-id="917572800"] {
  border-radius: 20px !important;

Be sure to use standard ASCII quotation marks, and verify that the data-id precisely matches your Code widget’s ID. Here’s a quick guide on finding it:

I’ve also inserted a space before !important to adhere to proper CSS formatting.

This adjustment should ensure your embedded video displays with the intended rounded corners. If issues persist, re-examine the data-id for your Code widget and confirm that your CSS is correctly implemented on your site.

Hope this sets you on the right path!

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Hii Thank you, unfortunately when I tried it still didn’t work, here is a screenshot of my new code :frowning:

Do you have your video wrapped with <iframe> or <video>? If so, you might need to be more specific. For example:

[data-id="WIDGET ID"] iframe {
  border-radius: 20px; /* Adjust the value to change the roundness */