Any way to create filters, categorise page or the 'sort by...'


I’m hoping to find out if there is way or work around to create filters or categorise pages in a less manual way.

Was thinking in a long run, the usual ‘click a button and xx images will show up’ might be hassle if we decide to add more items to the category.

Open to any ideas or suggestions! Thank you! :slight_smile:


+1 for this. Sorting / tagging etc. are high on the wishlist. Looks like Readymag’s blog uses this so it’s there, perhaps it’ll be released to customers at some point?

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Desperate for categorizing, filters, sorting, etc.
There’s so much to love about R/m so if they could add some basic CMS features like creating tagged collections or similar it would be a game changer for blogs, portfolios, stores, etc.

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hey… this is not possible with RM.
You have to look for another builder though. But I would also love to see this in RM. Its the big missing thing!

I agree that basic CMS features would be a quantum leap for ReadyMag.

However, implementing them would probably require support for relative widget positioning, so that, for example, an article footer can appear at a fixed distance from the end of an arbitrarily long text. I believe this is currently not possible: ReadyMag widgets can only be positioned relative to the page or screen boundaries.

I asked Readymag support and unfortunately, this is the only solution so far. They said:

" We do not have a native option for that, but a tagging/filtering system can be implemented using Fixed Positioning and Links. Follow this link for a quick example."

Not the best especially if you have a lot of items to filter, but at least it’s some sort of solution. Hope this is helpful!