Examples of a blog created with Readymag?

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if any of you created a blog purely with Readymade and how did you implement this?

I am considering making one myself and am looking for ideas.


I once created a website and in a seperate RM project I set up a blog, which has posts similar to a blog. I then put this blog inside a iframe window and on a click on a button it slides into the view.
But you could also just put it beneath your main page…
But as RM isn´t really a blog software it doesn´t come with a seachfunction or tags or so.
Here is the example: https://rbo.hamburg/

I have also created a kind of news/blog site with grav. its kind of a blog software. A flat cms - so you don´t have to deal with databases and so one. just upload it to your webhosting. Then implement it via iframe onto your RM-project.

But for both you will need some css / javascript knowledge to implement it and deal with the iframewindow-height-properties.

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Many thanks for your reply!

Your examples look very good. I may try to do something along these lines!