Animations update in Readymag 💫

Introducing Bézier curves and up to 20 animation triggers!

→ A Bézier curve is used to create smooth, curved paths along which objects or elements move. You can now turn on the Bézier curve toggle in the animation settings panel and tweak the path to your liking by pulling the handles.

→ The limit of 3 triggers per one on-hover or on-click animation is gone. Now you can be more precise in your animations with as many as 20 triggers to launch a set of moves.

All that comes with an updated animation settings panel for a smoother experience. Learn more about the update on our blog.

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Hi! After the new update with Bezier, my two different website’s computer version is now having a lot of Technological issues and the animations I set up doesn’t work anymore!! I cant come up with a solution to keep up the original animation movements. My two websites: and Please contact me helping me that will mean so much!!

Hello Ellie! Did you contact our support team at