Help recreating this Readymag animation

I am trying to make something similar to this INDEX menu animation on this beautiful site which was made on readymag.

What I like is that the animation has a trigger to come into the window, but it has another trigger (the X) to leave.
Maybe it’s custom, but if it’s possible to make something like it within ready mag, I would love to find out.
Seems like ready mag animations are like light switches, functionally working on and off, but this one is closer to a three-way switch. Any thoughts on how to do this?

well, you can assign more then one trigger to a animation.
menu opens on click on index and closes on click on index or on the X. As the X isn´t visible if the menu is closed this works well.

here the menu also closes on click on any menuitem, which is done with custom code.

ps: I built the website.

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