Menu exit, help me, im sad :(

hi guys, I’m new on readymag, I’ve read up but I need you.
I have this menu, made up of three indexes (info - index - response)
when I press one of these indexes the relevant screen opens.
the screen is a “pop up” that acts as a menu for the various projects.


pop up screen setting:

the setting is an opacity, from 0 to 100 via click, with trigger in this case “index”
works! but to close this pop up again I have to close it by pressing the same trigger.

tks a lot guysss

come faccio ad impostare che se il mio utente sceglie un altra parole la finestra corrente si chiude e si apre quella corrispondente alla parola scelta?

you could add a little “close” cross element to the popup that also fades in on click. The popup animation would then also need this cross as a second trigger.