Why? Youtubevideo --> "Sorry but we can't get this video due to its limitations"


Trying to add a Youtubevideo
Gives the message:

“Sorry but we can’t get this video due to its limitations”

It is a short 16 sec long .MOV video uploaded sucessfully to YouTube

Other Youtube videos works fine ?

Copyright not a problem
Youtube reports that NO copyrighted materiel was found in the video… so that is not the reason…

I have also tried to download the video from youtube to Mpeg4 format and uploade it back to Youtube again … but again same message " Sorry but we can’t get this video due …"

? :slight_smile: ?

Looking into the details of the Mpeg4 version , settings in youtube includes a setting that ALLOWS integration og the videofile into other homepages than Youtube.
----Breezerzz 360p - YouTube