Turn of switching between pages

I have a landing page that links to other pages like contact, about, work, and so on. Whenever I look at the preview and try to scroll down, it doesn’t scroll. Instead, it starts switching between pages, which is very strange because I didn’t enable horizontal scrolling or anything like that.

It also shows arrows on the left and right that let me click through the pages. I’ve tried for hours to solve this problem and got really frustrated because it’s impossible to just scroll down and look at my work. Every time I scroll down a bit, it switches the page.

Each page should only be reachable from the landing page and not via scrolling or the arrows.

Can you tell me how to turn this off?

Hey! You can turn on vertical scrolling in the Preview mode, please check this Help article for more details: https://help.readymag.com/hc/en-us/articles/360039118491-How-to-make-pages-scroll-vertically