Translating Portfolio animation from Wordpress build

Hi community!

I’m trying to recreate my portfolio site on Readymag. I hired someone to build a custom Wordpress site for my portfolio, which I’m really happy with, but I keep experiencing bugs that are beyond my ability to fix, and the developer has stopped responding. This is my current site:

The main functionality that I’m trying to retain is to have my projects organized by CREATIVE, CREATIVE DIRECTOR, and DIRECTOR, with the ability to animate between these 3 pages seamlessly.

I understand I could simply click to jump between these pages, but the goal is to make it feel like the user is just sliding between pages, rather than loading a new page.

I tried having the DIRECTOR page mirror the CREATIVE DIRECTOR page, and on load animating the elements to fit the aesthetic I’m going for, and that worked well. But, I can’t figure out how to get back to the main CREATIVE DIRECTOR page, as the second someone clicks a link to return to the homepage, it would load up the main landing page without giving the appearance of animating back.

I suppose now writing this, I could possibly do 2 things:

  1. Build all 3 layouts within the single CREATIVE DIRECTOR page, and use the animations to shift the whole site one page width, moving projects to the left or right. It just feels like this would be extremely heavy and load time would suffer.

  2. Build a couple alternate versions of the homepage that, upon load, mimic the animation achieved by moving from CREATIVE DIRECTOR to DIRECTOR. I’d just need to create one for landing on the site, one CREATIVE DIRECTOR page for animating back from DIRECTOR, and one CREATIVE DIRECTOR page for animating back from CREATIVE. This just feels a bit messy and complicated.

Really stuck over here, so I appreciate any ideas…