Smooth scroll script isn't working

Hi there.

I’d like to use this smooth scroll script: GitHub - studio-freight/lenis: How smooth scroll should be (here’s demo:

So, I put this in section:

And after this in the same section:

But when the website just fixed and I can scroll anymore.

Hey, did you find a way to implement it? I´m facing the same problem as you i think. In need of a smooth scroll.

make sure to apply the scrolling onto the right container. depending on what pageorder you have set in RM different wrapperdivs get scrolled and not the html container.

i applied the scrolling animation directly on an picture widget that gets scrolled to the left and of the page. repeated it for many images side by side. The whole scrolling feels hacky/chunky. How would you go about making it smoother @neueMeta?

well, your problem sounds a bit like a performance problem. what @artmilitonian wanted to achieve is to implement a script that changes the general scrollbehaviour, like speed, ease, etc…