Scrolling Widgets without scrolling the Page

Hey Guys, I saw this Website [Page 7] ( and on there you can scroll through the Info Cards without the Rest of the Page moving down with it (info cards move down while scrolling, the page does not until you go through all the info slides). I tried recreating it but failed. If any of you can help me or refer me to a helpful source or a tutorial I would be happy.


well actually the page does scroll further, as you can see from the scrollbar, but the “info card” is fixed. After a delay (of scrolling) it is moving down (out if sight) revealing the next “info card”, that is also fixed, but has a bigger delay as the first before also moving down.

This means you fix your “info cards” and set a “onscroll”: “move down 800px” with a delay of 2000px animation onto it. The beneath laying “info card” has the same animation but with a delay of 3000px… and so on.

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