Please Help! My website keeps inverting colors?

I hope someone is able to help me. I spent quite a lot of time animating my website and I was very proud of it. I open my website and it is all normal. I created a new page and a few buttons on the 2nd page and all of the sudden my 1st page is ENTIRELY inverted colors besides the widgets I created on Readymag. I used a bunch of SVG files to import my vectors for the animations. Please help me resolve this if you can. Did I do something wrong? Can I undo it without deleting a bunch of my progress? I will be linking the before and after below. The before is the photo with the green trees and normal colored ground. The after is inverted and everything is the opposite color.

this is really strange.

could you provide a link to it? That would help to find the problem.
If the this is not detectable there is at the end still the possibility to set a css color-filter which inverts it back again. But you will need to know which div is getting accidentally inverted by your code/svgs.