Pictures disappearing in published version

Hey guys,

I hope someone could help me with this little problem I’m having.
I’m fairly new in the design space and want to use readymag to create my own portfolio.
So naturally some problems and questions arise…
My problem is as stated in the title that some pictures decide to just… vanish when published. They are available in the preview and in editing mode but thats it. I honestly do not know why they just decide to disappear. I already tried to put them on top of the layer, reduce the filesize and reduce the filesize of other files within my project. Earlier today I faced a similiar problem with another image and I solved it by reducing the file size, that’s why I hoped it would work again this time.

I attached two screenshots. I hope someone may offer help to me :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance and have a nice morning/day/evening!

UPDATE: Just discovered some new things… I thought that the problem might be the browser. So I tested it on chrome. First try all images appeared. Great! Or so I thougt… As soon as I hit refresh, all images disappeared again. Maybe firefox? But here again… the same thing happenend. First, everything looked great, but as soon as I hit refresh… everything gone again.
I just don’t know why this keeps happening…

This happened to me once; fully deleting non-working picture and re-adding it made it worked for me. :+1:t3:

This keeps happening to me. I have tried what @Samus suggested but no look. Did you find a solution?

This has not happened to me. As I said, removing problematic widgets and re-adding them always fixed things. If it is recurrent, I guess you might want to check with their support crew.