I want to ask you guys, is it possible to add some kind of drawing library so that every user can draw something and it will be published on the main page after my review?

Hi @sashalazar cool idea! The best place to look for something like this would be on Codepen. If any of those example pens look suitable then share a link here and we can see how to integrate that into your project.

Hi @HEADLESS.HORSE Thanks for your answer!

This already works on my test site. The site is made on react and I want to try to do the same thing here. I use fabricjs library for painting. People who have drawn something leave their name and email address (optional) and then send the drawing to me for verification. Through the API, the drawing is shown in my telegram, where I can approve or decline.

Please, check it out I just want to know is it possible to do like this on Readymag?

Hi @sashalazar I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. You’d just put the code for the artwork in an iframe.