Lottie works on desktop but not mobile when published

Hi all,
I am new to using Lottie animations and wondering if someone here could help me figure this out.

When published, my animations work on desktop but not mobile. Instead I get a yellow warning exclamation mark. Has anyone had any experience with this? For reference, it works fine in preview mode.

Thanks in advance

what does the console in the browser-ev-tools are reporting? Any errors?


Thank you for your reply, I have now worked out that it seems to just be Safari that I am having the problem. It works fine for Chrome IOS and desktop however Safari IOS and desktop it is not working.

I have just checked the warnings and yes there are a bunch, this is beyond my scope sorry so I have just added a screenshot, Im wondering if you can make sense of it?

Thanks so much, I really appreciate your time!

in your console it looks like a CSP problem. So the lottie.host isn´t giving the right permission to use this source.

But right now in safari and all other browsers the lottieanimations on your website are working for me.

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