Looped Scroll Custom Code

Hi! I am currently building my own website, but have 0 experience in coding. I’m looking to add 3 rows of videos that move up and down when scrolling, very similar to this site https://ang-studio.com/. Not sure if I’m getting ahead of myself with this one, but if anyone has any idea how to do this please let me know!


well it might be a bit too difficult if you don´t have any coding experience though. But it is possible, yes.
First i would look for an example code snippet on codepen which then you could adapt. But you would have to manually set up your grids and imagesources. Also there also has to be considered on how the mobileview would look like…

Hii, thanks for the reply! this def gives me a place to start, I’ll check out codepen and go from there:) also thanks for the reminder on the mobile view lmao, didn’t consider that!