I need to add a custom element ID to a button

I need to add a custom element ID to a button on my page .
Would you be able to help me here ?

this you can archive with javascript, or jquery.
Or you use the built in alt-tag setting of an RM element and adress it in pure CSS or javascript.
If you want to assign an ID to an element this would be the way:

$('[data-id=5fae6b223d68dd0072bd3a28]').attr('id', 'newID');

Hi neueMeta ,

Thanks for your answer - where exactly can I access the alt-tag setting of an element ?
Can you guide me here - sorry for being such a pain

its only possible for images and shapes…
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So not for text.
For text you could work with the styles as a workaround. create a textstyle with for example the setting of beeing “h3”. Then you can add your additional css with h3 {} in the css customcodeinput

I tried this on the ALT option (semantics) but it does not render as a new ID - it basically creates an alt tag with that content inside.

yes, this is not how that works! You have to put the code inside the section.
If you want to select an element via the ALT option you have to find out how to adress the element with the ALT via css.

stackoverflow and google is your friend though.