Blending mode for moile

Hey everyone.

I used:
[data-id=“635d164992bb18001399c7d2”] {
mix-blend-mode: difference;

for blending some text. For the desktop it worked perfectly fine.
But it’s not working for my mobile version.
Somebody knows the reason for that?

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

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If you have set up an animation on your element in RM this is not working. If an animation is set up the [data-id=“635d164992bb18001399c7d2”] element is being nested inside another div and you then have to add the css to the parent container. But the parent container doesn´t have a data-id you can adress directly, therefore the only way would be to use javascript or jquery to adress the parent of your data-id element, because with pure css it is not possible to select the parent.

So maybe you have an animation in the mobile version, but not in your desktop version?

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