How to save money on your Readymag plan

There are plenty of Readymag plans tailored to every need: from a one-person design studio to large creative enterprises. Here are all the ways you can reduce your recurring costs.

Annual billing

If you use a Freelancer, Studio, Business or Extra plan, consider switching to annual billing: it’s 10% cheaper than paying month to month (not to mention shifting exchange rates). Explore all our plans and rates here.

Student discount

If you use Readymag as a student or teacher, we offer a 50% discount Personal, Freelancer and Studio plans. To apply, just send us your student or teacher ID and the email address associated with your account.

NPO discount

If you use Readymag on behalf of a non-profit organisation, we offer a 50% discount on any plan. Learn why Readymag is perfect for NPOs and how to apply here.

Referral program

Each Readymag user has their own referral link. Refer a friend to Readymag and you’ll both earn a $6 discount.