How to benefit from the new Freelancer if you are on the obsolete Creator

Are you currently on the archived Creator plan? Readymag has an offer for you: switch to your first year of Freelancer with 30% off! This way, you’ll pay only what you’d pay for a yearly Creator plan. To use this offer, simply enter promo code Fr1y. Freelancer allows you to set up Sharing Settings and use Code Injection for all kinds of customization. Both of these features are not available on Creator.

If you prefer to pay monthly, there is a treat for you as well: Readymag offers 3 months with Freelancer at the same price as the Creator plan. To redeem this offer and pay only $20 per month, use promo code Fr3m.

Both offers end April 11, 2022 and cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers.

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