How to create a newsletter?

Hey everyone!
I am wondering if any of you know how to create a proper newsletter widget that can be aesthetically customized by a designer (in this case, me) to meet a client’s brand.

Minimum requirements would be:

  • Pops up on homepage load
    – Give users the ability to close this widget.
    – Ideally, give users an option to never show this widget again.
    – Ideally, allow cookies to see if the user has already entered the page and hide the widget on their next visits.
  • Users enter their name + email and send the data to the system, which is linked to an external newsletter service.
  • After closing this widget, users can actively re-open it by clicking a button/link somewhere on the page.

I am not sure if I am asking too much but I’d love to see your thoughts/solutions to this!