How can i create this hover effect

when the user hovers over the text, the background image changes ?

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I can see this way of doing it:

  1. Place the image and scale it up as your background.
  2. Create the button that will be used for displaying the image.
  3. Make the image appear on hover by animating the image (Click: Animation → Animate on Hover → Opacity from 0 to 100).
  4. But to activate the animation you will need to use your button (Click: Triggers, and choose your button).

Now the image appears only when you hover over the button. Next you have to stack the images on top of each other, create buttons that will activate them (triggers), and create the animations for each of them.

I hope that helps!:blush:

Is there a way to keep the image from disappearing once the cursor is moved from the trigger?