How can i create these type of animation?

Hi i just saw this post on instagram ( Wass • Logo + Branding Designer on Instagram: "Mockups for Abode! 🛋️💛🙌🏼 I had so much fun with these colours that when it came to mockup time I wanted to bring the custom type to the forefront and use it at cut-out elements, abstract shapes and blocks. Type transcends its sole purpose and becomes multi-functional, you can spot Abode with a single letter from the lettering. Swipe through to see these in detail. along with animations, imagery and mockups for days! 😊 What's your favourite from the mockups? I'd love to know! 💛 . . . . . #logo #design #graphicdesign #branding #graphicdesign #creativeglowchallenge #brandidentity #typography #graphics #vector #brandreveal #homeware #furniture #customtype #animation" ) and im inrigued if this is possible on readymag and how i can do this scroll animation! thank you in advance!

Hello! You can add actions to your on scroll animation. In this case, you can add Move and Fade In actions. Learn more at

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