Hide text while scrolling

I have no idea if this is possible, but with Readymag’s animation capabilities, I’m wondering if it is. On this page: about you can see I have placed text onto of a transparent box. I would love for the user to be able to scroll through the text inside the box- the text cutting off where the top of the box begins and at the bottom. The user can independently scroll inside the box, the box acting a window of sorts. I can get the text to scroll- but not to “cut off” with the box. I would like to page to stay still. I hope this makes sense. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hi @dennerk sadly cannot see the link you have shared with us, best to share the project via ‘copy link’. However, it is possible from what I can understand. Please share the project link with us again so we can help answer.

Thanks for getting back with me @HEADLESS.HORSE hopefully this will work:

The page I am referring to is the ABOUT page

Hi @dennerk I would suggest for this to create a code injection element. I have create the following that should match your project styling if you have created paragraph styles in Readymag!

<p>My name is Isla</p>
<p>I am 27 years old</p>
<p>I was raised in Harlem</p>
<p>I now reside in Brooklyn</p>
<p>My mother, Anita Frances Hown, was a floral deigner</p>Growing up, I loved assisting her snipping stems, replacing water, packing up her 89' pickup truck.</p>
<p>I grew to love the buisness and the people in it.</p>
<p>After my mother passed away in 2012, I knew I wanted to carry this craft with me indefinitely</p>

Thanks for providing that @HEADLESS.HORSE would there be following steps after I place that in a code injection? I’m hoping for the text to scroll only inside the box

I imagine maybe the code would look something like this