Hide safari address bar on scrolling


I was wondering if there is any solution for utilizing safari functions on the phone version of a website like hiding the address bar when scrolling. Has anyone found a solution to this? Can it be solved with custom code at all?

Daniel :slight_smile:

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Do you want to fully remove the address bar in Safari iOS? Not sure this is even possible. :melting_face:

I’ve seen it on many sites, check the attached screenshots for more clarification. You can see that when you land on the page, the search bar is there but as soon as you start scrolling it disappears. I’ve also seen readymag sites have this feature, so I guess it’s custom code.

it depends on which page order you have selected.
vertical page order: bar is hiding, like you want it to be.
horizontal page order: it always stays at its place.

you cannot force it with custom code…