Hanging punctuation?

Hi, Coming from Indesign to Readymag, just wondering if there anyway to get hanging punctuation? I have quite allot of quotes in my body copy!


Hi @Big_stru, welcome to the Readymag forum. This could be achieved by creating a separate element for your quotation marks β€” I appreciate though this isn’t ideal for large amounts of copy. I have come up with this alternative for you to try below using code injection.

Try pasting the code below after your Body of the project. You can input the data-id selectors Readymag uses (article on how to find them here) for the paragraphs you need to have hanging punctuation β€” or for extra points and cleaner code, try using the paragraph styles Readymag allows you to save and target those in your CSS i.e. β€˜H4’.

(β€˜\0022’ in the CSS is just the unicode for quotation marks β€” there can be some funny bugs when using quotation marks as content in your CSS!)

Screenshot below of the result!

  [data-id="62a73ffc9b5e4100293a6e43"]>p {
    font-size: 20px;
    margin-left: 1em;

  [data-id="62a73ffc9b5e4100293a6e43"]>p:before {
    content: '\0022';
    position: absolute;
    margin-left: -.5em;

  [data-id="62a73ffc9b5e4100293a6e43"]>p:after {
    content: '\0022';
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