Grid sizes inconsistent depending on screens

i’m working from my personal laptop, which i’ve noticed has weird proportions that don’t translate well when I view my site on other computers (it blows everything up, like it’s at 120% instead of 100% zoom). so i edited on another computer and scaled everything down for reference for my personal computer for further editing.

the only problem is that the grid that i set up on the other screen is not consistent with the one on mine. i tried to turn on scale layout in hopes that it would help, but to no avail. any idea on how to fix the grid to be consistent between screens? (also - how to left align the grid?)

(photos below)

view from other computer (correct grids)

view from my personal computer (grids too small despite no changes?)

I believe the issue is that you’re using Firefox on the new computer, which unfortunately doesn’t support the Scale Layout feature in Editing mode. Chrome, Safari, and Arc do support it.

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