Blurry button hover

Anyone else having issues with hovering over buttons? When I hover, the hover state of the button gets pixelated. Any suggestions how to troubleshoot this?

see in the popup windows’ cancel button where it’s giving trouble.

See blurry button hover here.

@Kriston_Chen I too have noticed this blurring sometimes! @neueMeta any ideas?

hmm, strange. what i figured out is, that the unhovered cross icon has the dimension: 18 x 18 px. The hovered cross icon has the dimension 4x4 px. as they are appearing in the same parent div, the 4x4 icon gets scaled up.

But this seems to be a kind of bug. write a mail to support might be the right solution.


Wrote support. It’s possible the icon in the library is causing the issue. If you switch it out for another icon, it seems to work.