Avoid white fade while doing hover on images

Hello everyone, I am working in a e-commerce but i have an issue:
How can I avoid the white fade over my image while doing hover? the image has a link to another page inside my project.
i am attaching an sample

Try adding a shape on top of the image (covering the whole image). Then, edit the opacity (you can set it to 1) and add the link to it. This should work.

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That’s a clever solution, thanks!

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here is the css solution, just paste it inside your css panel:

.isdesktop a:hover .rmwidget.widget-picture:not(.has-onhover-animation), .no-isdesktop a:active .rmwidget.widget-picture {

It overwrites the rm hover behaviour.

hi and thanks for the code, it works perfectly! I was just wondering if there is also a way to do the same with buttons? Like when you hover over a button, it also has this white fade.