Applications are not coming if you register through Instagram popup site.Problem with submissions

Problem with submissions. Applications are not coming to Email and Google Sheets if you register through Instagram popup site.

We’re spinning ads. People post that they’ve left an application and no one has contacted them.

If you go to Instagram app > open profile > click on site > popup > landing page > leave application in Forms > /? problem ?/ > Email > Google Sheets

We’ve already tried everything. Re-created Forms. Re-linked Email. Deleted Google Sheets and re-created. After manipulations from one phone applications are left through Instagram, nothing comes from the other phone.

P.S. At the same time if I check in through Safari browser, the applications come.

Please help. We spend money on advertising, but applications come randomly, not all 100%

Hello! Please report that issue to our support team at, they will investigate this.