All-encompassing GLITCH

Hey. My beautiful site has all of a sudden out of the blue decided to glitch in almost every aspect.
Buttons don’t work. Some fonts don’t load. Scrolling is weird.
One more symptom I noticed, the website loads and gets reloaded again.

In preview everything is fine, in production everything is fucked.
Please help me out this is an important project for a client.
I hyped them (and myself) up about readymag so much.

Kind Regards

The errors from console:

Screenshot 2023-08-24 at 12.50.33

I suspect trying it to link it to an external domain fucked things up. What do you guys think ?

hmm, have you tried with different browsers? Do you have any adblockers/extensions running?

Have you already contacted the support?

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yes i have tried with every browser phone and desktop cached deleted.
i have contacted support and I am waiting for their second response.