Align pictures horizontally

It seems like I’m encountering a challenge when trying to align elements on my horizontal scroll website. Specifically, I want all my pictures to maintain consistent spacing. This task is straightforward for the first six pictures. However, beyond that point, it becomes problematic. As I zoom out, the grid no longer adequately covers my pictures, turning the process into a guessing game to achieve consistent spacing for subsequent images.

Therefore, I’m wondering if this is the sole method available or if there exists a simpler approach to achieve the desired alignment. Thank you.

Do you have them fixed? If so, momentarily unfixing them will automatically place them in the regular z-index level, thus you can move the editor area horizontally (you should notice a horizontal scrolling bar appearing at the bottom of the window:

Grid is limited to the page area but you can use placeholders (other widgets) as aid to position your other widgets.

Yes, it worked. Thanks.

However, I’d like to suggest a feature enhancement. It would be great to have the ability to utilize wider guidelines and grids. Currently, aligning text to the far-right is challenging due to the need to zoom out extensively, making it difficult to discern alignment with other text.

True! Have you submit that idea to the team? They overview the forum but this is mostly users’ territory.

I just thought that you can also try momentarily increasing the page width; grids will be increased too. Far from ideal but certainly an alternative: