Work flow for horizontal scroll elements?

Does anyone have any suggestions how to better work on horizontal scroll elements without having to blindly configure/animate the objects from off the screen?

The only working option is to animate elements on scroll outside the screen.

for example —

actually there is another way of doing this.

But you cannot change the speed of the elements…
But here is how to do:

  • select an element (which is not “fixed”) and arrange it directly out of the borders of your page.

  • go to animations and set up a scroll with a starting point for example: top: -50px.

  • set the speed to exactly: 1.41

  • add a “move” setting and set the amount back to 0px x 0px (readymag is automatically adding 10px on the “yaxis”.

  • now, while holding the “shift” key, drag the element in a diagonal 45degree to the side.

This will result in a similiar straight horizontal scroll movement. this can be more easyily to maintain, as the element sits right next to the pageborders, and not somewhere you cannot reach anymore.

(caution: this is a quite hacky solution)

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Thanks @neueMeta — also Command and (-) seems to open up the screen enough to place elements a bit more visually. Not the smoothest, but still a decent workaround for horizontal layouts.