URLs to Uploaded Fonts

Hey there! Can please anyone explain how I can find a url to a font I uploaded? I need to use these fonts in custom code and for the life of me I can’t do this! Thanks in advance!

hey… you could set up a textstyle in RM… via the devtools you can get the naming of this Rm-textstyle and add it onto your custom-code-elements.

Thanks for the response! Do you know if it’s possible to do it without using text styles? We need it for building a font tester, so it would be preferable to just have a URL to use for src in css.
Thanks in advance!

hmm… as alternative I would upload it to your server via ftp.

Oh thanks mate! Turns out I was pasting the link wrong. I am fairly new to css so totally didn’t get the syntax right. Thanks for your input!

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