Transparent Button

Hi. Have you noticed that a shape 100% transparent can’t work with the OnClick behavior? Any idea why?

Hi @About_Studio I’ve just been experimenting and can’t seem to replicate the issue. Are you able to share your project or part of it you’re trying to fix?

Hi, thank you!

Yes, let me show you and screenshot:

Here’s the link! Agatha Salvatierra: Espacios de sanación

As you can notice, I’m using a trasnparent button over the “graphics” of my button. So, I needed it to be 100% transparent always, even in rolloever. To get the effect, I made it 99% transparent hahaha…

I know It’s really tricky, but I’ve found this usefull in certain buttons that just need to change their position when they are clicked!

Thanks for your interest!