Text Color Change on Hovering

Hi! To preface; I am new to coding and readymag as a whole.

I am looking to change the color of my text when hovering. I have found this post from 2022, but the answer still seems unresolved - Colour change auto animation on text

The code I am using is below.

Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: Thanks!

If you are interested in not only solving with code, then you can try implementing this through animations and the use of triggers. Take a look at this templates

Thanks for the response Mike!

Is there any way to fix this in code? I am trying to achieve changing the text to multiple colors when hovering - if at all possible in readymag.


maybe you could duplicate the text and change the copy to have the colors you want, then animate the copy to change opacity from 0 to 100, then add a trigger to the original text so that when you hover over the original text the colorful text appears