System fonts unavailable - how to reset font selector?

Hi, i cleared the fonts i wasn’t using from my font selector to bring in others to play with from the library.
However, i want to use a system font now (Arial, Helvetica, etc) and they’re not available in any of the four font library sources. How do I add it back into the font selector?
In a different project, i can still access arial etc. But I want it in this project. How can i reset the fonts available to me without resetting my whole website project?

Hi! You can create a new project, add a text widget using the fonts you removed. Next, copy the widget to a project that doesn’t have these fonts, and add them by clicking the Plus sign next to the fonts’ names.

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hello, i am currently creating a funnel in readymag. whenever i apply a font to my text on the typography tool, font just goes back to default whenever i escape from typography editor. i am getting so frustarted because i see noone has this issue and it drives me crazy. please help me fix it.

Hello! We are sorry to hear that. Could you please contact our support team at Please don’t forget to send a link to your project.