Stop video after closing

I have multiple video popups working on the same page. However, I’d like to be able to stop a video from playing, when closed, so that when I play a new video, you can only hear audio from one. Currently, if I close one video and start another I can still hear the audio playing from the first video.

I have toggled the “clear widget contents” button on the widget code panel - which works great when a user navigates to a new page. However, it appears I’ll need to add code to each video code widget to stop/mute videos when closed, in order to stop multiple videos playing on the same page at the same time.

Has anyone had experience with this? Is what I’m wanting to achieve even possible?

Code I’m using for inserting video content is this:

hi, this is for sure doable, but only with some custom code… it´s not that complicated if you are a bit familiar with js.

here is something to hook on:

Given a toggle already exists to stop videos when navigating between pages, surely Readymag could implement a toggle on the code widget for stopping/pausing videos when scrolling out of viewport!
Readymag, if you’re seeing this, please add this feature to the user Wishlist as it’s currently a major deal breaker.

added to our Wishlist :pray:

Thanks so much for this.