Slideshow with gifs playing in the background that respond to nav

Feels like a simple widget on other platforms, but I’m guessing this could be finessed as animations.

Say there’s a gif playing in the background full screen, there’s a dot nav on it and each dot corresponds to a certain gif. I’m thinking it can be done with click triggers but I could be wrong.

Would there be any way for it to auto play through? I can’t figure out the animation process for that.

Only real workaround to save me a headache would be to ask my client to send me a reel of videos and opting to not be able to click through to each corresponding video.

Another workaround I see happening could maybe a parallax effect encouraging users to scroll. It feels like what makes the most sense with the animation process but I’m not sure my client will go for it.

Any thoughts, guidance, or direction?

You can enable dot-nav in the settings of the gallerywidget. I don´t know if the RMgallerywidget accepts animated gifs.
Otherwise I would look for a Gallery snippet, for example on openpen. and implement this.
For example something like this: click